Take away?

Fast-food Breakfast
photo © 2007 Reinis Traidas | more info (via: Wylio)

I have a little a little obsession since I decided that I wanted to be a teacher of English: I save images, videos, songs, etc. that I think that sooner or later I can use in my class.  Now, five years later after that decision I think I have a huge amount of stuff (some of them I don’t even remember when I saved it) piled up in my hard-drives, man of them I don’t remember when I saved them or why I saved them.

Inspired by @larita20’s #chuche20 (which I strongly recommend), I have decided to create this blog to put all these little resources that we can use in class in order to have them in order in an easy way both to  be located afterwards and to share them.

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